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No Bird on a Wire

By the year 2007, I had been suffering from stomach ailments consistently since I made a cross-country move from Ohio to Colorado in 2002. I would feel fine and then, BOOM, I’d feel like my stomach was stuffed full, as if I’d just finished a gluttonous binge. But I hadn’t. It was as if my system would come to an abrupt halt, cogs and gears and all. I’d been to more doctors and bodyworkers than I could count on one hand. Nobody had a clue what to do for me. Around that time, I had taken one of my Alzheimer’s clients to a urologist in Boulder. The urologist recommended my client also see her husband, Tom Bunn, an acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist who worked in the same office. Tom specialized in what's called "muscle-testing," a gentle, non-invasive technique that explores the body-mind as a whole. 
I got to talking with Tom about my stomach ailments and he suggested I make an appointment to come back and see him. 
By the time, I showed up at Tom’s office, I was exasperated, f…

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