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Dear Carla: Rebuilding Spaces

One tiny, cultivated corner of my mind. Good morning, Carla— It’s been a while, I know. When did we last email? May? June? It was before our family trip to Hilton Head, right after school got out, and before we moved back in to our house after the renovation. It’s been a solid half-year. The texture of that is dense with time-gone-by-ness, but again, nothing to do but pick up where we left off.   How are you, Carla? I remember you were having some health issues last spring—bronchitis, was it? Something chesty and heart-chakra oriented. Have you been breathing easier?   Our re-created house is incredible. (All except the carpet, which is strangely light in color and shows every zygote of a mess, every granule of dirt. Did we really choose carpet that was so pale? Add that to the mulch we put out back to cover the mud until the deck goes in and our carpet basically always looks like a dirty version of white sheet cake with sprinkles. But there needs to be something to keep it real and im

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