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Extended Stay Hotel.

  Last week, I attended a 5-day, 10-hour-per-day class on working with trauma in the body. I booked a room at the Extended Stay Hotel, a few miles up Wadsworth Ave, for the four nights I would be there. I originally booked a Motel 6 for the training, filled with glorified fantasies of a Schitt’s Creek-type experience but had a change of heart when one of the reviews mentioned bed bugs, and I  upgraded  to an Extended Stay. What I saw in the photos was a simple room with a teeny kitchen to make my coffee in the morn before our long days; it would be exactly what was needed. (The entire building was listed as “non-smoking” which had a victorious ring to it following a review of the Motel 6 that said it smelled like the whole building was on fire.)   Day one. We are coached to practice communicating our boundaries. We are instructed to stay with the sensations of the body, to bear compassionate witness to those in our midst. To hold space. We feel bonds happen at a rapid pace, even though

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