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A Tuesday in List Form

If I am being honest, I have let the last many weeks slip into kind of a blur.  (I was going to just say, "the last few weeks were kind of a blur, have been kind of a blur" but then it felt like, hey, I must have had some say in the matter! Remember all that wonderful mindfulness training I've done in the past?) Suddenly it's hard to distinguish one day from the next, even though during the actual occasion of it, the actual happening of it, it feels fine, normal. Not like anyone dialed the knob lower.  It's just that the retention is much less. The cataloguing process, for whatever reason, does not see the majority of my day's moments as being memorable. The webbing of my memory-saving net is getting wider and wider.  This morning, I woke up realizing that with a jolt.  Like, when you involuntarily doze off and then wake up like, "oh god, how long have I been sleeping?"  So I vowed to collect the moments of this nondescript Tuesday, to tighten the

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