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The Tiny Things

Good morning. Meet my blog with an identity crisis.  The reason she has not shown up here for weeks/months is because she doesn't know how or what she wants to be.  Momtemplative (pronounced to rhyme with contemplative ) was born just before COVID showed up, early 2020, and she then became a chronicle of Those Early Days, highly crafted and researched pieces that took hours, even with both kids at home. An hour in the morning, a few (highly distracted) hours in the evening and a LOT of perseverating—that was the recipe. Then, she hit a wall in the autumn of 2020. The magic was gone. It all felt forced and predictable and, well, empty. She felt like she was putting hours into pieces that were read by 12-25 people, tops. Suddenly it all felt like a colossal waste of time. Her moral sunk, she chewed on "why bother" til her jaw locked up.  Then she got back to it. She decided to be pithy for the New Year, to write weekly, with a lighter, 500-word touch. But this did not take

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