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Vaccination Nation and the Big Pencil Period

Ruth started including masks in her pictures—see her green mask on bottom with white straps. Many kids I've talked to tell me they now dream in masks. *** Almost half of Americans are fully vaccinated at this point. These are exciting times, for sure. These are also strange and awkward times. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its new mask guidance last week, saying  people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 may go without masks in most circumstances and don't have to keep their distance from others. But everyone who is not vaccinated should continue wearing a mask as usual —and that means everyone under the age of 12, the only group not eligible now for any of the vaccines in use in the United States. This is the moment we've been waiting for, right? (How far we've come since this piece I wrote from just over a year ago!—  MASKED. ) So why does it feel so rife with questions and uncertainty?  In an alternate land where we don't have tw

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